About Us

Welcome to Urbanity! 

The idea for Shop Urbanity came about in the summer of 2016. After searching through several online boutiques, but not always finding the kind of styles we were looking for, we decided it was time to start our own. With six daughters between the two of us, we know that every woman prefers a different look, and our goal is to be unique enough that you always find yours!  

Four of our daughters are directly involved in purchasing styles for the boutique, modeling and taking photos for this website, so it truly is a family business.  You can see each of their styles being highlighted under their own collection page. A little bio about each one is also included so you can get a snapshot of their personality.  So you see, the family of Urbanity brings you clothing selected by gals just like you.  We hope you find a collection that you love just as much as they do!

Our goal is that you love our brand and feel like part of our family...because we consider you just that. Thank you so much for supporting small businesses like ours!

Need help? Don't hesitate to contact us at shopurbanityonline@gmail.com

Love, the Anderson Sisters

Crystal & Amy.